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The Treehouse1 day ago
A bountiful book donation from Primrose School of Wichita East to The Treehouse was met by some beautiful ladies from the Church of the Magdalen.

Ladies, stop in next week to pick up your free Spring Break kits. Gotta keep the kiddos busy! 🙂
The Treehouse
The Treehouse2 days ago
What a fun week it was for our kiddos in the playroom. We all enjoyed making hats, reading books, and eating yummy snacks to celebrate Dr. Seuss week.

“Whether you color the world or light it up blue, you are making a difference. So you keep being you.” - Dr. Seuss
The Treehouse
The Treehouse3 days ago
Happy Leap Year!
The Treehouse
The Treehouse5 days ago
One hat, two hats, three hats, four….

We had a crafty Monday making our hats, the kids were each creative and picked a different pattern to color their hat!

We are excited for all the fun activities planned for Dr.Seuss week!
The Treehouse
The Treehouse6 days ago
We would love to see you this week!
The Treehouse
The Treehouse1 week ago
And sometimes our littles just need some extra snuggles while their mommies learn 🫶🏼