A Typical Day at the Treehouse

On a recent Thursday afternoon, Martha and her daughter Samantha came to The Treehouse. Samantha had been a Treehouse mom previously and both of her children were doing well, so she has not used The Treehouse services for quite some time. Martha, in her late 60s and living on a fixed income is also a grandmother to several children. Both women were carrying a baby in
car seats. Martha was a little confused and out of sorts when she
entered the building.

They were welcomed and asked what services they needed that day. Samantha spoke,  “This is my mother, and she has been given temporary guardianship of these twin babies. Both were born addicted to meth. We are out of formula,” Samantha said showing the almost empty can. “My nephew’s babies' mom went to prison, and my nephew is no help with these children. We are hoping you can help? ” Without hesitation, they were given formula and started on the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) video classes. Clients can earn diapers, formula, and "Baby Bucks" to use in the thrift store by watching parenting videos and completing a a short homework assignment. Martha was also scheduled for an intake interview so she could become a member and earn more supplies in the future.

When leaving The Treehouse, Samantha looked at her mom and said, “See, I told you The Treehouse was the place to come.”

Stories like this are the typical at The Treehouse. During this season of giving, please consider helping The Treehouse as we continue to “Nurture Moms so Babies can Bloom!”

Our Stories

Moms can come here for help before the baby is born and forever after that. I’ve learned so much from the classes, information to use in everyday life. There are so many resources if you need anything. I'm so grateful for The Treehouse

- Charesse

Definitely these ladies are here to help you and not to judge you. I never tire of thinking how much they have done for me and my children. I have been part of The Treehouse for 5 years. They have  children’s stuff at a good price and my older son loves to go for the toys. I will never forget the day I did not have formula for my baby and I stopped by. They told me they were temporarily closed due to the pandemic, but they asked me what they could do for me. With a smile that comforted me they gave me formula, the tears came to my eyes and I thanked God even more. I don't know what I would have done without them. Thank you ladies again. God bless you all.

- Rosa

The Treehouse has been a life changing experience for me. The classes are extremely helpful and overall I enjoy the connections and friendships.

Thank you Dana, Jaleen and Cristin and everyone that makes The Treehouse a great place for moms and babies.

- Priscilla